Lists & Links


I mainly listen to experimental music. Currently listening to:

Jeph Jerman & Tim Barnes – Versatile Ambience (vinyl)

Aaron Dilloway – Chain Shot (cd)

Robert Turman – Veiling Reflections (stream)

All-time favorites: Strawinksky’s Agon, Riley’s Shri Camel, & Feldman’s Piano & String Quartet

Favorite bands: Don Caballero, Unwound, & Tortoise


Philosophical hero: Hume

Honorable mention: Aristotle, Descartes, Reid, Dretske & Shoemaker

Philosophical opponents: Kantians

Latest philosophy news from my former student


Favorite genres: Japanese strategy role playing games (srpgs) & Japanese 2-D arcade shoot-em-ups (shmups)

Favorites srpgs: Fire Emblem (series), Drone Tactics,  Jeanne d’Arc, Disgaea 4

Favorite shmups: Terra Cresta, Zanac, Battle Garegga, Ibara, and Shikigami no Shiro 2

Favorite shmup sub-genre: cute-em-ups

Currently playing: nothing much (too busy!)

much-recommended resource for fans of TurboGrafx/PC Engine games

this blog for srpgs has some excellent articles

outstanding place to learn about shmups


Favorite team: Cleveland Browns

Also currently following: Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans


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